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Try It Emu Farm located at

2484 Warrego Hwy Marburg Queensland


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Welcome to our Emu Heaven Emu Shop and mail order Australia and overseas wide

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Proud producers of

Emu Heaven Golden Emu Oil Natural Health and Beauty Products


Emu Heaven

Pure Emu oil and Emu Heaven Pure Natural Golden Emu Oil Capsules

with the Omega 9,3 & 6 combination that simply works for you


Our other two sites have similar information you may wish to look at I am in the process of completing them with other forms of information and news


The fabulous Emu Heaven Golden Emu Oil Elixir



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The Emu Oil Kids

Brag Photo!

Sarah's grandchildren proud of coming second in their choir Estedford at Ipswich Civic Centres performance.





Emu Oil Absolute best Emu Heaven Arthritic help is here as used thousands of years ago by the Australian Aboriginal. Emu Oil is a natural anti inflammatory and provides systematic relief from arthritis and has the balance of omega fatty acids omega 9, 3 & 6 as found in our Emu Heaven Golden Emu Oil Capsules that our customers swear by. Welcome, you are in for a surprise.


Hi welcome to our Emu Farm web site, Try It Emu Farm Marburg Qld is owned and operated by Stephen and Sarah Schmidt. 

We hope you enjoy our site and please be assured that we work tirelessly for your better health and wellness. (This site is written by Sarah and it is constantly being repaired so your comments are valued. )

We have helped so many people over the years with our precious Emu Heaven Golden Emu Oil Capsules and other natural Emu Heaven health and beauty products, we are very proud of what we do, what we know, what we have discovered and learnt and done eg our very own studies on our remarkable product, including Diabetes trials in 2001, those trials helped us to realise the power within our precious product  also what we have done for our customers health and happiness and the fabulous Emu oil products that we produce.  We have listened to our customers many ailments over the years and we didn't rest until we found an answer and now we produce a natural powerful medicine that may help all. We know all our natural emu oil products work and we know 100% ours is simply "The best" and once you try our products, you will also realise that is definitely without doubt the case. We know our Emu spirit lives on because our ancient medicinal creature brings medicinal help many our Emus are truly blessed and we can't appreciate them enough for all the wonderful healing they are responsible for from the youngest to the oldest that we have helped in so many ways over the years. Please enjoy our site and enjoy our natural Emu oil health and beauty products that really work. There are further pictures to enjoy, however more scrolling is involved.


Stephen Schmidt owner of Try It Emu Farm Marburg has been spreading the good word for many years about his precious Emu Oil Capsules with the omega 9, 3 & 6 combination at shows all over Australia. Some actually accused him of being a snake oil salesman.  But Stephen even believes that some snakes actually contain the good oil!

Many customers over the years have received our brochure and many dismissed that there  was a problem until "it happened to them"! so please make sure you read our brochure and the message within.  Every day we help people from all walks of life to find benefit from our fabulous Emu Heaven Golden Emu Oil Capsules.


It has recently been announced at the poultry convention in Brisbane and on the ABC radio that Emu oil is a natural antioxidant, Stephens comment to that one is "What took them so long"?Emu oil is now spoken about from naturopath, scientist and further testing are presently being undertaken overseas for many different health ailments.  Emu oil has been proven as a natural anti - inflammatory and a carrier. Stephen believes it's the balance of fatty acids in Emu Heaven Golden Emu oil which makes his Golden Emu Oil Capsules a very powerful natural medicine. Many years have passed since Stephen first discovered that his precious Emu oil was no ordinary oil, in that time both he and his wife Sarah and staff have been telling many of their self taught knowledge and by studying the customers results and reasonings etc,

Many things that were spoken of back then are only now being realised by others and we are sure that as this news shows itself our customers are saying to themselves "The Emu man was right, he said that many years ago".

Only Emu Heaven Golden Emu Oil has our Unique HACCP Rendering System to deliver our superior Emu Oil. It takes years of research and experience to provide the best and that is exactly what we have done to provide our unique Emu oil processing unit. We are very proud of our achievements and the knowledge to provide the very best for our customers, after all we strive to have you "running like an Emu" and that is forward because our Emus cannot run backwards. Our state of the art rendering unit provides totally natural Emu oil pure and splendid Emu oil for your benefit. Our rendering unit is in fact unique and it has been approved from health authorities, we go out our way to provide the best possible Emu Oil.


According to clinical studies in Australia and the USA Emu oil is an excellent anti-inflammatory agent that can rejuvenate skin cells and produce healthy hair growth.

Many of our customers over the years have reported intense hair growth after taking our Emu Heaven Golden Emu oil capsules and many said, you have a cure for baldness and and I explained no it's that our emu oil seems to help feed the hair follicles that have been starving for many years , Rubbing on to the scalp in conjunction with the capsules give you quicker results declared Steve.

Our Emu Oil - The eighth wonder!

Do you know what Emu Heaven Golden Emu Oil Capsules may do for YOU?

Traditionally Aborigines used Emu oil for muscle and joint pain. Today Emu Heaven Golden Emu Oil Capsules are helping thousands of Australians from all walks of life to relieve a a wide variety of health problems such as arthritis, premenstrual syndrome, rheumatism, eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis and muscular aches and pains etc. Our fabulous product surpasses this and more research is needed to prove that it is beneficial for many other ailments simply because of the balance of our omega fatty acids Omega 9, 3 & 6 combination that our customers swear by as the proof is really in the pudding.

Emu Heaven Golden Emu Oil contains the combination of Omega 9, 3 & 6 a balance of Omega fatty acids we believe it is the balance of our Omega fatty acids that makes our Emu oil so powerful. Our Emu oil is a natural therapy as an natural anti - inflammatory product to help your ailments. Many of our customers are now enjoying the benefits our Emu Oil Capsules brings and they soon find themselves "Running like an Emu in no time".

Emu Heaven Emu Natural Health and Beauty Products proudly farmed and produced by Try It Emu Farm Marburg - Leaders in the field - Emu Heaven Golden Emu Oil Natural Health and Beauty Products are available from our Emu Farm Emu Shop / Emu Store or via mail order, our famous Emu Heaven Emu Oil Natural Health and Beauty Products and our world first Emu Cartilage product are working for our customers world wide.

Emu oil Products

The best Emu shop - Emu Store in town for the very best Emu Oil found! Emu oil products straight from our Emu Farm to your door via mail order or from our Emu shop in Marburg Qld.

Emu Oil Natural Health and Beauty Products- Further information please click on our Emu Oil Products link once you have viewed and hopefully enjoyed our home page.

BUS TOURS OR LARGE GROUPS ARE WELCOME visitors to our Emu farm in Marburg - Sunny Queensland - See our bus tour link for more details.

Studies from the Eskimos

Scientist made discovery in the 1970 that Eskimos had little to no heart disease, diabetes or many other health problems because of the Omega Fatty Acids found in Seal and Whale fat see the site www.westonaprice.org Know your fats.

Steve studied these facts and knows his Emu Oil 9,3 & 6 combination is a special ingredient for your good health but there is more and over the years we have developed a very special product.

Emu Heaven Omega 9, 3 & 6 Combination Emu Oil Capsules

These Omegas Essential Fatty Acids are the good fats (see fats that kill and fats that heal) Good fats are required daily by your body and have been known to fight the bad fats by flushing the bad fats to the liver where it may be disposed of through the body's functions. These essential fatty acids need to be ingested in food daily however due to over processing and cooking of our good fats in today's society, we now need to take Emu Heaven Golden Emu Oil Capsules because it contains the Raw Omega 9, 3 & 6 combination essential for your good health and wellness

Omega 3 Essential fatty acids is renowned as food to the brain and assists to maintain a healthy heart we believe the balance of our Omega 9, 3 & 6 combination is part of the secret of the power of our product  Emu Oil - Try It emu farm Marburg Qld Owners Stephen an Sarah Schmidt have embraced Emu oil as a natural traditional alternative and believe that their Emu Heaven Golden Emu Oil Capsules one day may show to be the forgotten traditional medicine of the 21st century.

The Greatest Testament of all time

The Basic Know-how of survival from thousands of years was passed down from generation to generation it is noted from the listening skills of the young to the due respect of the lessons learnt and taught by the Aboriginal elders have made man survive the greatest hardship of all, the harshness of our land!

Aboriginals realised one of many “elixirs of life” was found in the form of an Emu, this medicinal creature of the desert is more than just a picture on the Australian emblem, within its creativity is a wealth of untapped healing powers only recently being discovered by modern man.Stephen Schmidt owner of Try It Emu Farm Marburg talked with Aboriginal elders in order to see for himself what the elders thought of the precious Emu oil and they spoke of olden times where around a campfire the Emu was cooking away and the Emu oil slowly dripping onto the burning flame, the Emu oil was cupped into the hands and the golden liquid taken to the mouth for sustenance.  Later some of the raw fat was cut into strips and seared and eaten in a raw state, this miraculous Emu oil was considered a powerful medicine.The Emu was skinned with partial bits of the fat left intact, the skin was then placed over the shoulders as a cape to soothe the aches, pains and sunburn and the powerful medicine was drawn into the body for substance and nutrition to the skin and joints. In some ways it may be seen that the Australian Aboriginal and the Emu both had the essential survival skills necessary to survive our harsh landThe powerful Emu oil is well known for its penetrating powers and is often used in today’s world as a carrier of potions to the skin.  Stephen has promoted his Emu oil capsules internal for medicinal use for many years and he is now very proud of the power of the fabulous Emu Heaven Golden Emu Oil Capsules that his customers swear by

The Emu spirit is believed to go to heaven for the medicine it provides for the medicinal qualities found it it's precious Emu oil.  Our product is called Emu Heaven because our

Emu 's spirit go to Heaven for the good health and wellness they bring to children, aged people and many others in need. Our birds are farmed emus.

Emu Oil Research

Emu oil research has shown Emu oil to be a proven natural Anti Inflammatory. Emu oil is a natural carrier and in its natural state is known for its penetration Emu oil works both internally and externally Emu Heaven Golden Emu oil is a natural health remedy that really works for you - Emu Heaven Golden Emu Oil Capsules may be used in  the temporary relief of arthritis pain, the Golden Emu Oil Capsules of 1000mg help reduce joint inflammation associated with arthritis and for the relief of muscular aches and pains, PMS, eczema and other skin conditions and with the Omega 9, 3 & 6 combination for general health and wellness. More is becoming recognised as time goes by, however we know exactly what our product is capable of.

Natural Feeding of our Birds

Our Emu oil products are natural and we do not feed our birds antibiotics or hormones. We have a natural feeding regime and natural rendering of our emu oil. We do not use chemicals in the feeding or processing of our Emu oil. We take pride at supplying a totally unique oil that will surpass your expectations

Our Rendering Unit

The only Emu oil with a our unique Rendering System high Quality emu oil with our own unique state of the art HACCP rendering unit that leaves the others far behind our eight ball! This rendering system makes our emu oil totally unique from any other emu oil products that rely on commercial rendering systems, perhaps some of the reason why our customers experience the great benefits from our fabulous Emu oil

Try our Emu oil and our natural Emu oil products and Emu meat sold from Try It Emu Farm's Emu shop in Marburg Queensland. EMU OIL BROCHURE You may request a free brochure we would be pleased to send you one. You will be impressed with the results from all our natural Emu oil health and beauty products - Click on our ordering page to comments

Emu oil natural health and beauty products

We also provide a wide range of Emu oil natural health and beauty products that may change your life for the better.  Our products are hand made and we use natural ingredients, you will find great improvements within a short time for a list of our products go to the products link or our ordering page after you have caught up on all the exciting Emu oil news on this page

Emu Meat

We sell great tasting emu meat from our Emu Shops. The cuts are fan fillets, oyster fillets and mixed cuts priced from $20 kg.  Emu meat is high in Iron and low in fat and our emu meat tastes great!

Emu Heaven Golden Emu Oil

Natural Emu Oil - Emu Heaven golden Emu oil contains the powerful Omega 9, 3 & 6 combination. Emu oil is a proven natural anti inflammatory that helps the systematic relief of Arthritis (so pain be gone!). Further investigations to Emu oil's unique benefits are yet to be revealed by medical trials however our customers find even greater benefits from our powerful emu oil capsules of 1000mg surrounded in a soft gel capsules and can't help but spread the word to their family and friends Some are only just discovering what this powerful product may do for you, others have known what Emu Heaven Golden Emu Oil Capsules are capable of and cannot imagine their life without  "Our little emu eggs" of 1000mg of Emu Heaven golden emu oil capsules that our customers swear by.

More Exciting Emu Oil Information - Keep on Scrolling

Emu Heaven Golden Emu Oil Natural Health and Beauty

The Only Emu Oil for you is Emu Heaven Golden Emu Oil from our Try It Emu Farm Marburg Qld Australia simply because we know we are the leaders in the field and thousands of customers swear by our Emu Heaven Golden Emu Oil natural health and beauty products, once a customer gets on our Emu Heaven Golden Emu Oil Capsules product they see the difference for themselves also because of our years of experience and our own intensive studies on natural health with our own natural golden Emu oil 

Free Emu Oil Brochure

Naturally our Emu Oil is what we consider the best Emu Oil available in the world - Use our or our email on our contact link for your free Emu Heaven golden emu oil Products Brochure. Put your name and address down and we will post or email you one quicker than the blink of an emu’s eye! No strings attached. We protect our customers and do not pass on your details to anyone! Contact Us

Only Emu oil should be used for your precious skin, and is recommended for babies skin for nappy rash or for moisturising the skin. Precious Emu oil from Try It Emu Farm Marburg.

Emu Oil is safe for your pets

A customer phoned and told us his old dog of 15 years has been taking our Emu Oil for the past 3 years and is in great condition. The owner swears by it. Our pets are suffering arthritis, diabetes and other ailments and our Emu Oil taken internally is a must for your pets health and wellness Another pet owners dog gives him a dirty look until he hands out his daily serve of our Emu Cartilage Powder. The owner says its hard to believe but true.

When you first put your pet on the Emu oil you may find for the first couple of weeks you need to poop scoop a little bit more often but then it is back to normal pooping after that. Customers report the dog is healthy and the coat is shinning after taking the Emu oil. We also have the best pet shampoo you can lay your hands on as told by many of our customers.

Emu Heaven Golden Emu Oil and Golden Emu Oil Capsules

Emu Heaven Emu Oil and Golden Emu Oil Capsules are a natural health remedy that really works  Our Emu Oil Capsules contain a balance of fatty acids including the Omega 9, 3 & 6 combination we believe you need to go internally with our capsules for the best results, as rubbing on although helpful is just a band aid when the problem lies within. This includes results for your skin, hair and nails, and many other pleasant surprises.

Emu Oil Beauty Products

Emu Oil penetrates the skin and helps to carry our all natural Emu potions for your health and beauty deep to where it is required for your benefit. We believe our natural beauty products will do more for you in such a short time than any other you have used , just ask Tanya. She visited us recently at the Gold Coast show and bought our fabulous natural Emu Oil shampoo and natural Emu Oil conditioner and she can't believe how beautiful her hair is looking from the very first wash. 

Pure Emu Oil for rejuvenation of the skin - Studies has shown emu oil to be non-comedo genic which means it does not clog the pores of the skin.  It assist to nourish the skin and has fabulous penetrating properties

Enjoy our old fashioned site and information and keep scrolling as we have a lot of Emu Oil news to report thanks

Scroll Down for more information

You definitely can forget the rest because we are the best!

Emu Heaven Golden Emu Oil contains the omega 9, 3, & 6 combination for your great health and wellness Emu oil is now becoming well known for its unique properties and through word of mouth our business has blossomed over the past 12 years simply because of natural Emu Oil Products really work - we strive to have you running like an emu!

Emu Heaven Golden Emu Oil

or Emu Oil Products - Straight from our Emu farm to you! via mail order. We pride ourselves on our service.

Emu oil information - For a free brochure on our Emu Heaven Golden Emu Oil Products and mail order form click on our ordering link and order your free Emu Heaven Emu Oil brochure and mail order form from our site click on our other links for more detailed information on our products and service

Emu Shop

We are extremely proud of our fabulous Emu oil products that work for you our valued customer! Are you looking for a natural product that will help you with your Ailments? Our Emu Shop is located on the Emu Farm on the Warrego Highway Marburg Qld. Hours of business is 8.30am to 4.30pm Queensland time Monday to Friday at Marburg Emu farm.

Visitors are welcome as we sell direct to the customer at the Emu Shops or to your door via mail order.

Emu Heaven Golden Emu Oil Products from Try It Emu Farm Marburg Our Emu Oil is a natural health remedy. Our Emu oil products contain 100% pure natural Emu oil and we are renowned for our famous Emu Heaven Golden Emu Oil Capsules

Emu Meat for your Pet

We also cater for the pet with Emu Trim, Emu Bones sold from our Emu Shop and via Mail Order. But don't forget about our natural pet shampoo that our our pets swear by! (well their owners do anyhow!) Products are also available through

Emu Meat Cuts

We now sell from our Emu Shop our fabulous emu steaks (fan fillets, oyster fillets and mixed cuts (see emu meat link), emu neck bones (great soup or stew)Emu meat should be cut in thin steaks across the grain and cooked very quickly to ensure melt in your mouth flavor. Our emu meat is delicious, high in Iron and low in Fat, a very healthy meat.

Emu Oil Information and other exciting Emu oil effects please click on our links at the top or bottom of this page

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Emu Heaven Golden Emu Oil contains a balance of the omega fatty acids

Pure Emu Oil for symptomatic relief of arthritis Emu Heaven Golden Emu Oil Capsules is a natural remedy for the symptomatic relief of arthritis because of its natural anti inflammatory properties within the Emu oil. Our customers find great relief and swear by it to anyone who will listenPure Emu Oil for relief of back ache - Rubbing Emu Oil on to the affected area is such a relief, again the natural anti inflammatory properties and the penetrating power within the Emu oil brings rapid results.  We find rubbing Emu oil on is very beneficial but we consider this to be the band aid, simply by taking our Emu Heaven Golden Emu Oil Capsules you will find great relief Pure Emu Oil for eczema - Eczema is an internal problem and we find by taking our Emu Heaven Golden Emu Oil Capsules usually pushes through in approximately six to eight weeks, some may get worse before improvement as it pushes it out though the layers of skin. We also recommend the use of our Shampoo Bar as a body wash and our Skin Repair Dressing to be applied twice daily to help with itching and scratchingPure Emu Oil for Psoriases - Psoriases again an internal problem however unlike the eczema it will take longer to see the great results, usually between 8 to 14 weeks and the same as with the Eczema the Shampoo Bar and Skin Repair Dressing for best results also a bath with some Emu Oil added is lovelyPure Emu Oil for nourishing dry skin -  Dry skin quickly disappears as you rub our fabulous golden Emu Oil on your skin it immediately penetrates and you will notice a difference, our Skin Repair Dressing is also use full for cracked heels, cracked dry skin and is a natural remedy that works wondersPure Emu Oil for flaky scalp - As a nourishment to your scalp we recommend you massage your scalp once a month with Emu oil by rubbing your fingers through your scalp you will notice two things the dry scalp disappears and by leaving on the hair overnight and shampoo and condition the next morning with our fabulous natural shampoo and conditioner your hair will be beautiful and healthyNatural Emu Oil shampoo for dandruff  We especially designed our Emu Heaven Shampoo for scalp conditions, our shampoo is raved about by users and itchy scalps quickly disappear and our shampoo contains no laurel sulphate and is a great natural alternative to other shampoos.Pure emu Oil for cradle cap - Cradle Cap on babies is a mothers nightmare and our Emu Oil comes to the rescue, gently massage the scalp with the emu oil and you will notice a difference, our natural products are great for baby and a little Emu oil on the baby bottom helps prevent nappy rashPure Emu oil for dry hair - Emu Oil for damaged hair Whatever you hair type is you will simply love our natural Shampoo and conditioner with our Emu Oil added to penetrate the scalp and leaves your hair soft manageableEmu Oil for acne - Acne is an internal problem and best results comes from taking our Emu Heaven Golden Emu Oil Capsules, we also have an Acne Be Gone Kit that includes our Emu Heaven Golden Emu Oil Capsules and the Acne Be Gone lotion, Shampoo Bar, Natural Cleanser and feathers n fin for problem skin you will be impressed with the resultsEmu Oil for Scars - Rub our Emu oil on the scar tissue twice dailyEmu Oil for bruising - Rub our emu oil on the bruise immediately and then twice daily Emu Oil for stretch marks - Rub our Emu Oil on to the stretch marks twice daily, a hint for pregnant mothers is to rub our Emu oil on to their stomach and breasts twice daily and after the birth this will help to supple the skin and provide moisture to the area Emu oil for burns - We find our Emu oil fabulous for burns I am trying to see if a hospital is interested in trialing our Emu oil in this area to witness the results for themselves Emu Oil for sunburn - Soothe the skin with our precious Emu Oil rub gently onto the skin twice dailyEmu Oil for damaged skin - Our Skin Repair Dressing is designed for damaged and dry skin it quickly repairsEmu Oil for rash - Rub the Emu oil on to the rash twice dailyEmu oil for massage - Pure luxury enjoy a relaxing massage with our Emu Oil and you may add your favorite aroma therapy oil to enjoyEmu Oil for relaxation - gently rub our Emu oil on to your temples and face or soak in a bath with a teaspoon of the precious Emu oil addedEmu Oil for moisturizing skin - Research shows emu oil is a fabulous moisturizer for the skin and works well in many skin care ranges, we believe ours to be the best of course because we use natural ingredients and provide a quality product without the fancy packaging but with quality natural ingredientsEmu oil for wrinkles- Our wrinkles be gone is fabulous it has one side effect once you use it your skin loves it and wants it every dayEmu oil for foot rub We have a new product for your feet as a lovely rub to soothe aching feet if your are interested in this product please leave a comment in our comment section on our ordering page thanksEmu oil for fungi We know our tinea be gone is fabulous and many customers rave about itEmu oil for first aid kit - From insect bites to cuts abrasions, burns and other areas apply some emu oil to help sootheEmu oil to drink Some people use our Emu oil as part of a salad dressing others drink it but don't be a naughty oil drinker as you need it twice dailyEmu oil for omega 9, 3 & 6 - Our emu oil provides the omega 3, 6 & 9

Emu oil for irritations of the skin and don't forget about your pet as they need it too

Emu oil for aches and pains rub on twice daily for this band aid, we know that by taking the Emu Heaven Emu oil capsules we soon have you running like an Emu and you no longer need to rub on.

Emu oil for your horse and other Emu oil prod cuts for your horse such as hoof dressing, Emu oil pet shampoo, Bugs Be Gone and of course Emu oil internally and Externally for sprains, QLD itch etc

Emu Oil for reduction of inflammation and swelling - simply take our emu oil capsules daily and receive great results, we also have a heat rub and the Emu oil itself for rubbing on as a band aid measure.

Emu oil for muscle soreness and tightness either our heat rub or our precious Emu oil is fabulous for ease once rubbed on to the affected area.

Emu Oil for soothing skin after sun - our precious Emu oil rubbed on to sunburn helps but we now have a new product called Emu Heaven After Sun Lotion which is the best you can get, our customers swear by it and so do we. Smells great too

Emu oil for moisturizing Skin Repair both our Emu Oil and our Skin Repair are great for any dry, cracked skin, cracked heels and cracked hands, also other skin ailments get great relief from our fabulous Emu oil products.

Emu oil to help you hair glisten, our Emu Heaven natural shampoos and conditioners are great for all hair types, and we have a wide range of shampoos to choose from, including our pet shampoo and shampoo bar. We actually have a shampoo drive as a fun raiser for schools and clubs etc.

Emu oil is natures best kept secret, and word of mouth is spreading about Emu Heaven natural health and beauty products with our precious emu oil and of course our Emu Heaven Golden Emu Oil Capsules with the omega 9, 3 ,& 6 combination Omega 3 YesOmega 6 YesOmega 7 Yes Omega 9 Yes

the power and balance of the Omegas within our Emu Heaven Golden Emu Oil will surpass your expectations.

Emu oil for bruising, recently I had a bad bruise on my leg and people were amazed as to how quickly the bruise mended from simply rubbing our precious Emu oil on the area.

Emu oil for wrinkles, our Emu Heaven Wrinkles Be Gone is great and has one problem once the customer uses it they can't imagine their life without it and our customers simply love it.

Emu oil for sleep dramas, our Emu Heaven Sleep Balm was bought out because Steve and I noticed the amount of people that have problems with lack of sleep, so after bringing to the market this fabulous product, many of our sleepless customers are now enjoying the benefits of a great nights sleep.

Emu oil for skin problems, as Emu oil is a multipurpose product, it penetrates into the layers of the skin and promotes great skin, but also I say to my customers that beauty starts within and most people after taking our Emu Heaven Golden Emu Oil Capsules notice great looking skin after only a few short months of taking the Emu oil capsules. However a bit of pampering along the way with our fabulous Emu oil beauty products, my favorite is our body toner and wrinkles be gone but the day and night cream cannot be overlooked, once you use our facial cleanser you will be convinced as to the feel of the skin and suppleness.

 Emu oil for the sportsman, some of the best kept secrets from our Emu oil is from competitive sports people, perhaps a winning edge might make a difference, from taking our Emu oil capsules to simply rubbing on with our heat rub or Emu Heaven Golden Emu Oil makes a big difference to stiffness, muscles, aches and even stress.

Emu Oil for itching, just ask our Mr. Itches especially Mr. Itchy no 1, what our precious Emu oil can do, Mr. Itchy no 1  Bob called in to see us today, it was about 4 years ago when he first visited us and he couldn't stand still at all as his whole body itched terribly, he had spent a fortune at skin specialists, doctors alike and he has never looked back since he came to our Emu shop, he told me today (he bought a friend with him for help as he likes to help out other with similar problems by simply bringing these people to see us) that his doctor just keeps saying stay on your Emu oil and he say's don't worry I will.Emu oil aids cell rejuvenation and is helping the appearance of the skin therefore giving a younger and youthful softness to the skin. Emu Oil helps restore hair loss simply by taking the capsules and rubbing the Emu oil on to the scalp it aids to feed the hair follicles many think we have a cure for baldness, but there is nothing that can be done for the folic le once it is completely depleted, similar to a pot plant the plant can be almost dead and you water it and it survives, however once it is too late it doesn't matter how much you water it it can't be restored, I consider you hair similar to that plant, a bit of food back to the follicle and it's bound to improve before it is too late.Emu oil leaves no greasy residues on the skin, it quickly absorbs into the skin and helps to improve the quality of the skinEmu oil soaps and shampoo bar are wonder full, we have exciting soaps of goats milk and of course our shampoo bar. Our Emu Oil soaps are natural and contain 5% Emu oil and real goats milk in each variety

Emu Oil Emu oil for cold sores, our Emu Heaven cold sore cream is a great friend for anyone with cold sores, what a relief it brings.

Emu oil is probably the most universal and versatile amazing thing I have ever seen over the years and only wish I would have known about it many years earlier.

Emu Heaven Natural Health and Beauty Products Emu oil is is our natural health and beauty products for it penetration and healing properties, therefore by using our emu oil with the natural ingredients we therefore help you even further. I know our products are the best and you will too.

We believe strongly in our Pure Emu Heaven Golden Emu Oil Natural Products

Emu Oil Tinea Be GoneEmu Oil Wrinkles Be GoneEmu Oil Bugs Be GoneEmu Oil Day CreamEmu Oil Night creamEmu Oil Hand and body lotionEmu Oil Facial cleanserEmu Oil ShampooEmu Oil ConditionerEmu Oil Head Lice Be GoneEmu Oil Shampoo Bar Emu Oil Pet ShampooEmu Oil Feathers n fin for problem skinEmu Oil Skin Repair Emu Oil Sleep BalmEmu Oil Lip BalmEmu Oil cold sore CreamEmu Oil Acne Be GoneEmu Oil CapsulesEmu Oil Pure Emu OilEmu Oil Heat RubEmu Oil Eye Rejuvenating CreamEmu Oil Body TonerEmu Oil Leather DressingEmu Oil Liquid Body WashEmu Oil SoapEmu MeatEmu Oil Hoof Dressing Emu Oil Natural Health and Beauty Products

Emu oil Foot Rub

Emu Oil -  Emu oil contains Omega 9, 3 & 6 combination Emu oil is a natural anti inflammatory. Emu oil and Emu oil products are produced from Emus farmed at Try It Emu Farm Marburg. Our Emu oil is the highest quality Emu oil that we can possibly produce.

We pride ourselves on the excellent service we give our customers because again, we care about your health, our staff and ourselves are sincere and dedicated to all our Emu Heaven Golden Emu Oil customers and we take the time to serve you to the best of our ability

Emu Oil Products

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Emu oil - Emu Heaven Golden Emu oil Natural Health and Beauty Products are farmed and produced by Try It Emu Farm Marburg (once known as Hayman Emu) makers of the famous Emu Heaven Golden Emu oil.  We have specialty natural Emu oil health and beauty products that help with all your beauty and ailments needs and provide a natural alternative necessary for your great health and wellness We care about your health!

Emu Heaven Natural Golden Emu Oil Natural Health and Beauty Products We serve you from our Emu Oil Shop/Emu Store or via mail order from Try It Emu Farm Marburg Qld Australia.  Click on our order page for a free brochure

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Emu Heaven Emu oil products are straight from our Emu Farm to your door via mail order or from our Emu shop in Marburg Qld

Mail Order

We sell our natural emu oil products direct to you by mail order and also from our emu farm in Marburg Queensland. We believe this helps to keep our quality high and our prices lower and maximum service to our Emu oil customers.

Emu Heaven Golden Emu Oil Capsules 1000mg

Have a nice small emu egg (emu oil capsules) day!Thank you for your patronage to all our valuable customers, we appreciate your loyalty and word of mouth as you spread the good Emu oil benefits news to your family and friends.


Emu Oil Properties

Emu oil appears to have natural, therapeutic, penetrating and anti-inflammatory properties. It appears to be a natural source of Vitamins A and E. These qualities seem to make it an ideal moisturiser.
Emu Oil is also a natural source of Omega 3, 6 & 9 oils and contains 10 fatty acids. These appear to be of benefit in dissolving the cholesterol build-up in the body's arteries and may reduce arthritic pain and may help to control and improve diabetes and/or it's associated symptoms.
For continued good health and as a supplement to your diet take Emu Heaven Golden Emu Oil Capsules for greater wellbeing External Use of Emu Oil may be effective by applying it to affected areas of the body.

Cholesterol & Associated ProblemsArthritis, Joint & Muscular Problems

It appears the easiest, cheapest and most effective way to treat arthritis is by taking Emu Heaven Golden Emu Oil Capsules The anti-inflammatory properties of Emu Oil may help reduce the swelling and relieve pain while its penetrating qualities may help lubricate the joint
Emu Oil appears to reduce swelling in sprains and ligament damage. Try it on bruising, tendons and other aches and pains. Rub pure Emu Oil into the affected area 3 to 4 times a day.
Blood test submitted by customers with Rheumatoid Arthritis seem to indicate that the Rheumatoid found in the blood are reduced Skin ProblemsTry Emu Oil on tinea, eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis and nappy rash. Emu Oil may help relieve the itchiness and redness associated with these skin problems. T. Apply pure oil to affected area 2-4 times a day.

External application suggestions are: 20 mils added to a bath; 10 mils added to a basin to wash the hair

Cuts & Abrasions, Burns, Sunburn & BlistersEmu Oil appears to speed up the healing process and reduces scarring. The vitamins in the oil seem to help soothe and moisturise burns and sunburn.
Apply emu oil to a CLEAN wound. Emu Oil applied to blisters may disperse the fluid and may help the skin to heal. Apply oil 2 or 3 times a day.

Insect Bites

Emu Heaven Bugs Be Gone is a natural insect repellent

The natural anti-inflammatory properties in Emu Oil seem to relieve itching and help bites to heal. Apply pure Emu Oil every few hours if possible.
Emu Oil applied to the skin appears to stop midges and sand flies from biting.


Diabetes Trial

The trial conducted by the Try It Emu Farm with Diabetics has shown success to many customers and used as a spring board for further learnings as to the power of the omega fatty acids found in Emu Heaven Golden Emu Oil Capsules

Chemical Analysis

Typical Emu Oil AnalysisFree Fatty Acid - 0.33%
Acid Value - 0.66%
Peroxide Value - 1.53%
Moisture - 0.03%
Refractive Index @ 40 Centigrade - 1.4606% Fatty Acid CompositionC-14:0 (Myristic) - 0.4
C-16:0 (Palmitic) - 21.5
C-16:1 (Palmitoleic) - 3.7
C-18:0 (Stearic) - 10.6
C-18:1 (Oleic) - 51.4
C-18:2 (Linoleic) - 12.7
C-18:3 (Linolenic) - 0.9

Calculated Iodine Value - 69.7


Aboriginals realised one of many “elixirs of life” was found in the form of an Emu, this medicinal creature of the desert is more than just a picture on the Australian emblem, within its creativity is a wealth of untapped healing powers only recently being discovered by the modern man

TRY IT Emu Farm Marburg Queensland Australia



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