Marburg Queensland
Marburg Queensland

Emu Heaven Natural Health and Beauty Products exists because after living and working with unbearable pain for years and then after given emu oil to rub on an aching body Stephen Schmidt owner of Try It Emu Farm Marburg realised how powerfull Emu oil was and he is his own living testoment ...this is his story

Try It Emu Farm Marburg makers of Emu Heaven Emu Oil natural health and beauty products is the largest Emu farm in sunny Queensland. Situated on the Warrego Highway west of Brisbane heading towards Toowoomba ( map located on contact us and Farm Tours Link). It was once known as Hayman Produce (17 years) and owned by Stephen Schmidt.

In 1995 Stephen was given emu oil to rub on to his aching joints for work related pain he suffered throughout his body. Stephen couldn't believe the results he received after a sort time of rubbing the precious emu oil on and decided to concentrate on emu farming and set out on a trial to try to prove what emu oil can do.

He started selling it for Queensland Itch on horses and manage on dogs when one day a man called into his farm and showed an article from America stating the Americans are looking into emu oil for health benefits. Studies are to commence on cholesterol dissolving.

Stephen worked with his doctor and drank the golden emu oil and saw great results within eight weeks and then put his emu oil into capsules and set off selling it at a local show. Twenty-eight days later the phone rang from numerous people informing Stephen of the fabulous results the customer received with their sugar readings.

He then set out on his own trials to see how it would work. He gave away his precious emu oil capsules to diabetics all over Australia's east coast and he was amazed with those results. Since way back then, Stephen studied as much as he could about emu oil and considers himself the leader in the field and he knows exactly what his Golden Emu Oil Capsules may do for you! He now has thousands of happy customers taking his emu oil capsules daily for all sorts of relief from different ailments simply because of the natural anti-inflammatory properties within the Emu Heaven Golden Emu Oil (well known by the Australian Aborigine) and in fact the omega 3, 6 & 9 combination.

Stephen married Sarah and now they have moved to incredible all natural heath and beauty products that customers reveal have remarkable results. They give customers individual attention and genuinely care about improving health of their customers. Many customer write letters, fax, email and send in their tests results stating the improvements they have received from the Emu Heaven Golden Emu Oil Capsules, Daily we hear great reports from our customers and of great stories of their beneficial outcome.

Some may find Stephen and Sarah at field days around Australia as they further spread the word as to their fabulous product Golden Emu Oil Capsules, Golden Emu Oil and a large range of all natural health and beauty products.

Emu oil was used by the Australian Aborigine to treat muscle and joint pain. Today, thousands of customers on Emu Heaven Golden Emu Oil Capsules are reaping the benefits of this long forgotten natural medicine. Emu heaven Golden Emu Oil Capsules contain the omega 9, 3 & 6 combinations essential for better health and general wellness.

Although Emu Oil is still used topically to help alleviate arthritic pain, information suggests that by taking Emu Heaven Golden Emu Oil Capsules, many beneficial outcomes are revealed. Emu Heaven Golden Emu Oil is a natural anti-inflammatory that contains raw omega fatty acids (omega 9, 3 & 6). Our emus are fed a natural diet and no antibiotics or hormones are used.

Many books have been written on the omegas and more and more are being discovered as time goes on. The natural anti-inflammatory properties within emu oil give systematic relief of arthritic pain.

Some may consider a natural health remedy as "Snake Oil Elixir" and may scoff at the possibilities of such a natural product as emu oil to be of much benefit. Customers of Stephen and Sarah Schmidt of Try It Emu Farm in Marburg Queensland would eagerly disagree with those that scoff of the benefits they receive from their natural health remedy 100% pure natural Emu Heaven Golden Emu Oil surrounded in a soft gel Capsule.

Regular customers phone or post orders for their golden emu oil capsules; our precious emu oil within Emu Heaven Golden Emu Oil Capsules is what our customers swear by!

Stephen Schmidt owner of the emu farm declares that once a customer gets to the bottom of the jar of the 500 emu oil capsules they are certainly looking forward to the next jar. They then tell their family, friends and neighbours of the great benefits they enjoyed simply by taking those golden emu oil capsules. Steve, Sarah and staff revel by the many phone calls, letters, email and faxes of satisfied customers.

PLEASE NOTE: Our emu oil capsules contains 1000mg of pure rich golden emu oil. That's 25% more emu oil than most other brands. Get value for what you pay for - EMU OIL. Compare emu oil with emu oil, we believe you will find our Emu Heaven Golden Emu Oil Capsules the best value around. We strive hard to keep our prices to a minimum because we care about your health and wellness! It is extremely important to keep our capsules within reach for your health.

You already know our emu oil capsules are the very best (because you have either tried them yourself or one of our happy customers told you or we tell you loudly ourselves), so next time you need shampoo or conditioner why not give ours a try you will enjoy the results. Our shampoos and conditioner now come with a handy pump, because of no laurel sulphate our shampoo may be slightly thinner than chemical brands, however it lathers up great and give great results you will notice the difference after the first shampoo and conditioning of your hair..

How about your face and body moisturisers, have you tried our natural alternative products? You have nothing to loose and you will be impressed at the results. Why would you want to put chemicals on your precious skin?

Bear in mine our products are natural and not made on a large run with bleach to whiten the product so the texture and colour may change depending on the time of year for our plant usage, also it has taken us awhile to get the mix to a perfect condition, everyone enjoys our natural products and we constantly had requests for a laurel sulphate free shampoo and now we have an excellent one. We use only the best quality natural ingredients we can find for your benefit, as we are not happy with less results we always search for the best results and we give pride to ourselves for that.

We hope our customers would support all our natural products as this helps us help you by allowing us to keep our prices at the lowest.

A lady from Sydney recently called in to the emu farm, (she was spending three weeks locally) desperate because she left her very expensive facial products at home. She was stressing because for three weeks she would be without her special, very expensive brand beauty products she has used for 34 years. She didn't want to buy more of those products as she had only just purchased new ones before she left.

Frantically she tried our testers and bought the day cream, night cream, wrinkles be gone and facial cleanser and also the body toner. Her comments to me at that time were "This stuff will have to do me till I get home to my precious products" I stood there with a slight grin and thought, You will be back before you leave to Sydney! Sure enough in she raced! Your products have done more for me in three weeks than the 34 years with my expensive product (I won't say the brand) and I can't believe your products are a fraction of the price I pay! She said.  I want to take home your whole range I am so great full I left my beauty products behind she said. I smiled as she bought the products and I told her, "I knew you would be back even though you didn't at that time and she smiles and off she went home to Sydney.

Upon hiring our staff, we allow them to see for themselves of the great results they receive because of their own results, their family results and the amazing amount of phone calls, letters, faxes and emails we receive from our customers who can't thank us enough for our fabulous products.

Some days Steve and I are so thankful for those letters and calls, we've worked so hard for so long and we strive very hard to learn as much as we possibly can, simply to help you, our valued customer. One day we may be able to prove to the world what our emu products can really do for you.

We give a big thank you to our loyal Emu Heaven customers and we look forward to you calls, thank you. Sarah and Stephen - Try It Emu Farm Marburg.


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