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Emu Heaven Golden Emu Oil Capsules have helped many people from all walks of life and a few are here to share their story

These are true letters that  our customers have written, I have asked permission to put their letter here, I am only using their first name for privacy to our customers, we have many letters, and I would love to print all however there is not enough space here.  Thank you to all our customers for your letters.

We also have Jye's story on the home page

Latest Testimony

From the time I was fist introduced to the concept of taking Emu Oil internally, by your representative at the Yeppoon Show, about five years ago, it has been good news as I have periodically told you.

My four monthly visit to see the endocrinology professor at the RNSH was no exception.  About eight months ago he reduced my insulin doses from 16 to 12 units twice a day. I told him I hadn't had any hypos for the last appproximately eight months.  When he surveyed my blood test results he remarked on how well my sugar control was. So much so he remarked "You may be able to go off insulin" Without doubt Emu Oil has been the best news for me for a very long time, instead of getting worse as I get older, now 73 I am slowly improving.

Yours sincerely Trevor

Thank you sooooooooooo much for the Emu cartilage powder and for the almost immediate beneficial effects!!
True it is not the easiest to take ( like a mouth full of cobwebs) but I am absolutely thrilled with the results. My once painful knees are more flexible,less painful and the swelling has reduced.
I have been taking a teaspoon of emu oil twice a day for many months now but the cartilage powder has been an added success.
A recent visit to my orthopedic specialist was a very negative experience. He said "Things will certainly get worse and there's nothing available except a knee replacement when things are at a chronic stage."
"Take up to 8 panadol a day and limit use of knees when painful!!!"
And he charged me heaps for this message!!!
Well ...have I got a message for him...!!!
I will prove to him that things CAN and WILL get better.... And all due to the humble Emu!!
So Thanks a lot...and I will be a customer for many years to come.
Please keep me up to date with all the exciting progress of the

Have a great future!!

To Try It Emu Farm

I have been a user of emu oil for the past 7 years, I had gout very bad I could not wear boot of any kind. My two big toes were about twice their normal size bright red and extremely sore, I could not bare to even touch them.

Since taking capsules and rubbing in with Emu oil, after a month of use I could wear boots again.  For a long time I only use oil once the gout disappeared I have not had it. I used to have regular attacks. 

I had a bad shoulder that I could hardly use but after rubbing with emu oil it is normal when it starts to play up I rub with oil for a few days it is good for maybe a month.  Also I have a knee that is an old foot ball injury it responds to the Emu oil.

My wife has a fungal infection on her toe nails but the Emu oil has cured it. It is that good that we would not be able to survive without it now. Thanks for a good product that really works From Keith.

I went to Agrow at Emerald 2005 with bad knees, it was not too long before I could not stand the pain after walkking up one row of exhibitors.  After a short rest I had to return back the way we came to our car.  We had to go past Try It Emu Farm Products where I spoke to the people at the display. Complaining of sore knees I was offered a seat at their site where they gave me some Emu Oil Heat Rub to put on both my knees.. Whithin minutes the pain had reduced and I was able to continue on to the car park.  But not before investing in Emu Oil Capsules and Osteo Be Gone.

Yesterday 2006 I again went to Agrow and went to purchase more of the same as II had bought in 2005 and since continued to take over the last 12 months.

I have had a remarkable reduction in pain and increased mobility since my first encounter with Emu Oil Capsules and Osteo Be Gone.  Your products have helped me and I will be contining to use it. Thanks for the seat and recommendation in 2005.  Bruce.  Bruce's testomonial has travelled Australia with us on display on our show vehicle since he wrote his letter in July 2006, this is where the Blues Magazine writer saw his testomonial and choose to print his story.

NOTE Bruce came to me this year at Emerald Aggrow and said he read about himself in the Blues Magazine as explained in our latest news. he is only too pleased to tell everyone of the great benifits he received from our products, and he has already told many others to give us a call so thank you Bruce, we look forward to seeing you again next Aggrow.

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