Emu Heaven Australian Desert Body Bar

Firstly, I would like to explain the following words. Emu oil – soap – Camel milk – Omegas – Amino acids- Shampoo – shave – body Wash.  Because these words are a sample of what will help describe the new product that  we derived by using Emu oil and Camel milk.

For instance, you will enjoy the natural anti-inflammatory properties and Omega 9,3,5.6&7 within our Emu oil.  Also the natural Amino Acids found in Camel milk. Simply to help your skin, hair and shavings bits. Firstly Shampoo, shave and wash your body knowing you are using the superior product.

The Emu Heaven Australian Desert Body Bar is what your body desires.

Secondly it is a luxurious blend of Emu oil and Camel milk  to create the effervescence of silky skin.   You will notice the difference from the very first wash.

You may shampoo your hair however it works better on non-  dyed hair. Simply because it works to remove build up in the hair.  We find anyone who dyes their hair prefer to use our Emu Heaven shampoo and conditioner including our new Australian Desert natural shampoo and conditioner.

Try washing your hair for incredible softness. When using the Desert body bar always remember to only use a small amount as it lathers very well.

Enjoy the best shave you ever had and you will notice how much longer your razor last and also the smoothness of your shave.

Now for the extra bonus … You will smell so delicious  you will want to keep washing yourself lol.

Because it contains the  goodness of the Omegas found in Emu oil.  And because of the health benefits the Amino acids found in Camel milk.

All this goodness is wrapped in one fabulous product – Emu Heaven Australian Desert Body Bar.



Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 16 × 7 × 5 cm


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