Emu Heaven Emu Farm

Producers of pure Emu oil - Golden emu oil capsules and an array of natural Emu oil based and organic health and beauty products

The past 25 years we have been taking good care of our customers health and beauty needs with pure Emu oil natural health and beauty products.

We love our Emu farms and our great staff members who look after our customers and the farm hands who take great care of the welfare of our birds.

The Emu farms are owned by Stephen and Sarah Schmidt and they work tirelessly for your benefits.

Over the years they have received many praises and thanks from customers for their Emu oil health and beauty needs.

Enjoy browsing through our array of many natural health and beauty products

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Emu Heaven Golden Emu Oil Capsules is our pride and joy  Emu oil

We pride ourselves in the quality effects our Emu oil provides

Phosphate   Heat Rub  Our heat rub is designed perfectly as a rub on   Tinea Be Gone   Haemorrhoids Be Gone  Its heavenly

Cold Sore Cream  Skin Repair Dressing   Feathers and Fin for Problem Skin

Australian Desert Natural Health and Beauty Collection

A new collection of natural Emu oil products Derived from Emu oil ( with Omega 9, 3 & 6 combination) and the pure benefits of Camel Milk ( Amino Acids). More products are presently being developed in this quality range.

The Emu Heaven Australian Desert health and beauty range is developed by Sarah.  She has incorporated only the best products an they contain Emu oil and Camel milk.

Emu oil possesses the Omega 9, 3, & 6 combination, A natural anti-inflammatory. Camel milk has its Amino acids that is great for your skin. The product is encased with other quality natural ingredients. Therefore providing you with great benefits for your body.

Take a look at these new products already very popular and more arriving in the horizon.

Desert Body Bar - Wow Factor Tatt Gel - Chafe gel - Desert Shampoo and Conditioner and Desert after Shave Gel

Emu Heaven Natural Beauty Product Ranges

Original Natural Beauty Product Range

Our natural beauty range is of high quality natural ingredients and many customers know how wonderful Emu oil is for your skin with it's penetrating properties and as a carrier oil it is great at assisting the quality ingredients to improve your skin.

Our natural product range consists of the following products

Moisturising Day Cream  Nourishing Night Cream  Hand and body lotion  Eye Rejuvenating Cream  Wrinkles Be Gone   Lip Balm

We believe you will notice a difference in your skin within a few weeks of use

Our fabulous elite Organic range of beauty products

Many customers were asking for organic, so we produced an organic ingredient list with the assistance of our Emu oil to assist caring the special ingredients into the skin and the results speak for themselves.

Elegance Eye Gel   Penetrating Facial Moisturiser  Vitalising Beauty  Serum

Our incredible Emu oil Natural Hair Products 

Well fed hair and supple softness of your hair and our Natural Hair Product aim to please

Natural Shampoo   Natural Conditioner   Head Lice Be Gone   Desert Hair Shampoo  Desert Hair Conditioner 

Desert Body Bar basically replaces the older version of Shampoo Bar, however if you dye your hair we do not recommend using the bar.

Emu Heaven Pet Products

Pet Shampoo  Pet Supplement

Our pet shampoo is fabulous for your pets coat our customers swear by it.

Pet supplement contains nutritious ingredients 

Other interesting products in our shop

Emu Toy    Emu Eggs    Emu Feathers ( Need to phone 07 54644667 re feathers).

Snowy & Luna Moon

Our Rare Albino Emu's

Emu heaven is celebrating the joy of another 2 white Emu chicks.

Our snowy is three years old, Snowy was born with blue eyes, purple beak and legs and feet.
Whereas our new additions have similar blue eyes with the pink legs/feet and beak.

Luna Moon is a female and we have not yet named the male.

We  decided to name the female “Luna Moon” as she hatched on the evening of the lunar moon 

Luna moon


Miscellaneous Photos