TrevorSlowly improving

From the time I was fist introduced to the concept of taking Emu Oil internally, by your representative at the Yeppoon Show, about five years ago, it has been good news as I have periodically told you.

My four monthly visit to see the endocrinology professor at the RNSH was no exception.  About eight months ago he reduced my insulin doses from 16 to 12 units twice a day. I told him I hadn't had any hypos for the last approximately eight months.  When he surveyed my blood test results he remarked on how well my sugar control was.

So much so he remarked "You may be able to go off insulin" Without doubt Emu Oil has been the best news for me for a very long time, instead of getting worse as I get older, now 73 I am slowly improving.

Yours sincerely Trevor.

KeithGout disappeared

To Emu Heaven

I have been a user of emu oil for the past 7 years, I had gout very bad I could not wear boot of any kind. My two big toes were about twice their normal size bright red and extremely sore, I could not bare to even touch them.

Since taking capsules and rubbing in with Emu oil, after a month of use I could wear boots again.  For a long time I only use oil once the gout disappeared I have not had it. I used to have regular attacks.

I had a bad shoulder that I could hardly use but after rubbing with emu oil it is normal when it starts to play up I rub with oil for a few days it is good for maybe a month.  Also I have a knee that is an old foot ball injury it responds to the Emu oil.

My wife has a fungal infection on her toe nails but the Emu oil has cured it. It is that good that we would not be able to survive without it now. Thanks for a good product that really works From Keith.

JeanetteThanks so much

I’m on medication for bipolar while it’s working well it’s taken away my memory literally can’t remember anything for longer than a few minutes or sometime seconds, very frustrating.  I’ve been taking 4 emu oil a day and can now remember for a lot longer not back to my same old ability, but much better than it was.

Thanks so much for taking the time to read this.

GeoffHope this ‘history’ is helpful.

I started following this dosage for about a week 6 in the morning and 6 in the evening, but I elected to reduce that dosage to 4 in the morning and 4 in the evening.

I have continued to take the capsules at that dosage since approximately July 24 2019.

I had my heart CAT scan on May 31, and was made aware of the results by my specialist on June 19. I was referred for a follow-up angiogram (urgent level) but because of my scheduled departure to Brisbane July 13, I delayed my appointment until Sep 23.

The cardiology surgeon who performed the angiogram expressed surprise at his findings.... the blockage in a coronary artery which was diagnosed at approx 60% proved to by >40%. The CAT scan also showed blockages in several other arteries at approx. 20%. The surgeon reported that there was one minor blockage at >20% in one artery.

Here in British Columbia, the cardiology surgeon indicated that they do not insert stents or do bypass surgery until the blockage exceeds 70% blockage.

Hope this ‘history’ is helpful.

S. BushI haven’t felt this good in over 12 months!

I have suffered from a reflux problem for approximately 12 months now.  Even whilst on normal drugs from the doctor’s, I was still in pain.

I decided to give the capsules a go and found that I did not need the medication from the doctor’s after about 2 weeks.  I have started to reduce the amount of capsules per day, after about 4 weeks and I am almost pain free now.

I haven’t felt this good in over 12 months thanks to the capsules.

MichaelThank you

I purchased Emu Oil capsules about a month ago.  My last cholesterol test was 6 months ago and the levels were 5.7 and my triglycerides were 1.2.

After one month of taking 6 a day this is what happened.  My cholesterol level is 5.3 and my triglycerides level is 1.0.

Thank you

DaphneMany thanks for your product.

I have been on the Emu Oil capsules since October 2003.  My GP is impressed with my Blood Pressure readings – normal.

My knee affected with Paget’s disease and old age is not giving me any trouble.  Best of all my Eye Specialist was amazed at the condition of the backs of my eyes as I am a diabetic of 11 years and said whatever you’re doing keep it up.

Many thanks for your product.

Valerie ChardGood products

Good products

John BurkeGood range

Good range of Emu products

William PalmerSteve was helpful

Very good i spoke to steve on the phone and he was very helpfull

Michael IrvingDesert Body bar

Love your Desert Range Body bar

Cheryl PorterGreat products!

Great products. I had a bad burn on my leg, nothing was helping until I used the Emu oil which healed it within a few days.

Travis GolderGood products

Friendly staff, and good products.

Chris LahrLovely experience

Great spot for a souvenir and to see new born emus. The owners are happy to show you around. Lovely experience.


I enjoyed my first visit and will enjoy recommending their products.