Emu Oil Capsules

Our golden emu oil capsules are a natural anti-inflammatory that contains raw omega fatty acids (omega 9,3 and 6). Our emus are fed a natural diet and no antibiotics or hormones are used. Many books have been written on the omegas and more and more are being discovered as time goes on. The natural anti-inflammatory properties within give systematic relief of arthritic pain.

Emu Farm Bus Tours

We also welcome Coach tours. Pre arrangement is a must. Please note a charge of $10 per head applies this also entitles you to our show bag. We also have many other country attractions in the local area, we are always pleased to assist in organising your tour itineraries. Morning, afternoon teas and lunches etc. are available at the nearby hotel or coffee shop.

Emu Oil

We are proud to say that our Emu Heaven Golden oil capsules and other natural health and beauty products that we offer have helped so many people over the years. We are proud of what we have achieved over the years in this industry. For all this time that we have been around, we have learned many things and that has helped us to give our esteem clients better products that deliver high quality results.

Emu Meat

Our Emu Meat is now available for sale from our Emu Farm in Marburg Queensland. Our specialty cuts sold at our farm are fan fillets, oyster fillets and the mixed cuts.

Emu Farm

Emu Farm Emu Heaven Coleyville Emu Farm Queensland Australia is the largest in Sunny Queensland. It is the breeders and makers of the fabulous Emu Heaven Golden Emu Oil Products Hours of workload goes into running a successful Emu Farm and we are the pioneers in the industry and have been taking care of our Emus for 25 years.