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Map - Try It Emu Farm

Emu Cartilage Powder

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Pure Natural Emu Cartilage Powder

Emu Heaven World First release of our fabulous Pure Natural Emu Cartilage Powder called Osteo Be Gone

After studing the benifits of shark cartilage and other cartilage products on the market we decided to produce a product pure and natural and derrived from our very own emu we are proud of this product and the valulable nutrition it has to offer customers using it regulary swear by it

Emu Cartilage Powder is so Pure and Natural
We believe we have a world first product! Emu Cartilage powder NOW you can experience the benefits of our Pure Natural Emu Cartilage powder called Osteo Be Gone(R).

This remarkable substance is derived from our emus and contains the 18 essential amino acids, chondroiton sulphate, calcium, potassium, phosphorus, iron and copper also contails Omegas 5,7,6,and 9.

The emu cartilage powder is natural and we suggest you take 1 teaspoon morning and night before food (dissolved in mouthfull of warm water)

We have studied shark cartilage for a long time before we introduced our cartilage product derrived from the emu this fabulous product so far we have our customers pretty excited about the benifits they have received from taking it!

The emu has strong and sturdy bones and a fair amount of cartilage and when you consider the emu life style he needs that for the strength to run up to 80km on all terrains for a period of up to 60 + years

The cartilage is different to any other form of cartilage we have seen and we know it will be a winner We are so excited about this product and as soon as we have another product we intend to unveil which we believe will also be very exciting and probably another world first

Our customers write to us or email about their satisfaction on all our emu products and many of our regular emu oil capsule users are also taking our fabulous Pure Natural Emu Cartilage Powder

Perhaps you would like a free brochure on our Emu Heaven All Natural Products, just click the place order here now link and fill out your details at the bottom of the order page.

On our testomonial page I have put Paulines experience with our new product, hers is just one of many!

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