Emu Meat

Our Emu Meat is now available for sale from our Emu Farm in Marburg Queensland. Our specialty cuts sold at our farm are fan fillets, oyster fillets and the mixed cuts.

About us

Emu Heaven Natural Health and Beauty Products exists because after living and working with unbearable pain for years and then after given emu oil to rub on an aching body Stephen Schmidt owner of Try It Emu Farm Marburg realised how powerful Emu oil was and he is his own living testament ...this is his story.




This is designed to give you valuable information on what we have discovered over the years from our own trials and our own studies. We have learnt from our customers reports of great improvements they have found in their health and wellness after taking our capsules and many customers believe that we have the medicine of the twenty- first century! Frankly so do we! We pride ourselves in bringing you the best possible oil we can produce.

Emu Eggs

Emu eggshell is laid down in layers (usually 7) being from dark green on the outside through shades of jade green to white on the inside. Emu eggs are highly attractive when carved.

Emu Farm Bus Tours

We also welcome Coach tours. Pre arrangement is a must. Please note a charge of $6.00 per head applies this also entitles you to our show bag. We also have many other country attractions in the local area, we are always pleased to assist in organising your tour itineraries. Morning, afternoon teas and lunches etc. are available at the nearby hotel or coffee shop.

Emu Heaven Emu Shop and Emu Farm

Try It Emu Farm Marburg has the very best Emu Shop around for the very best Emu Oil Found! Our Emu shop is open to the public to purchase our huge range of Emu Oil Products and our fabulous Emu meat and our World First Emu Cartilage Products that our customers swear by.

Scientific Research

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